We all love Chacos, obviously. I remember when I got my first pair in 2006, and thinking briefly how neat it would be to personalize them, little did I know, a few years later my dream would become a reality. When my first pair finally wore out this past year and I decided to write a commemorative blog post of our adventures together (from Dubai, to my wedding and into the great pyramids), Chacos read my blog post, "Chaco Love Runs Deep" and contacted me regarding customizing my very own pair! 
MyChacos is Chaco’s new custom sandal program. When I logged on to explore what MyChacos was all about, it was super easy to navigate and started with asking what style you wanted, what size shoe you wear and if you wanted to start from scratch or with a base model.
Then I went a little crazy. It was so fun to see all of the vibrant colors and designs (which consist of spunky names like 'sassy' and 'fiesta'). I spent hours drafting up different designs, changing the back strap, playing around with the different color soles and did you know you can even change the stitching?! 
I’m not even exaggerating I sat on my couch for so long that my legs went numb and almost missed dinner. After many hours and then days of playing around on the site with all different 'feels' of my future Chacos, I narrowed it down to 4 choices. The 'list' feature after you sign in to Chacos is amazing because it let me save my designs and then click through them all. I’m a big fan of side-by-side comparisons.
I decided since I already have plain black ones, I should do something fun and different.
My final decision was a blue/green strappy mix. During the design process I liked how I could scroll over the different steps and it would show me what I’ve selected. It was also super easy to click around and change things to see if there was something I liked better. The poetic version of my choice...the green symbolizes grass, the leaves of a tree and hiking up a mountain while the blue captures the essence of both sky, water and mountain tops. I chose the bright green stitching because I thought it was fun and made me think of little tiny caterpillars holding my sandals together.

And, because I’m freakin' Nancy Drew...I discovered that during the 'Chaco branding' part where you can opt to leave the side of your customizable sandal blank, have it say Chaco or have a little lizard...if you click on the lizard up in the right (your cursor won't change or anything) you get an extra SECRET option to change it to a skeleton lizard! 
You can get further customization during the ordering process by having them give you a call before they start, shortening the straps, etc. 
After you get done ordering you have the option to shout from the virtual rooftops via Facebook about your designing abilities!

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