Happy New Year! ‘Tis the season where we reflect on the fun we’ve had all year, and look forward to the goodness that 2012 brings.

Little Chaconians embrace adventure too and deserve the same comfort and fit of the LUVSEAT™ platform that we big Chaconians enjoy. So in Spring 2011, we launched our new line of kids’ sandals and shoes.

Our Chaco Tan contest in August was a huge success! With over 350 photos submitted, over two months, in three categories—Most Idyllic Location, Wackiest Pose and Dirtiest Feet—the panel of judges here at Chaco had their hands full choosing a winner. Another congrats to kywildcatfan16, who took home top prize and a couple pairs of new Chacos!

Being tough and wearing your Chaco sandals year-round is still a badge of honor, but for Fall 2011, we launched a line of men’s and women’s boots for those days you just don’t feel like freezing your toes off. Check out our conversation with Brandan Hill, Chaco Design Guru, from earlier this fall to hear all about the new styles.

Our ReChaco team has been working hard all year long to re-sole, re-web and re-incarnate well worn sandals—and has kept thousands of pairs out of landfills this year alone. On top of all of that, they’ve been crafting your custom Chaco creations through our MyChacos program. Interested in a pair of custom Zs? Email for details.

We’ve got some great new Chaco goodies coming your way in 2012, too! Watch for an expanded line of shoes this spring, including a few offerings in canvas that are already in stock. Check out the Otis Canvas for men and the Pedshed Canvas for men and women. From off-road exploration to urban trekking, we’ve got all of your adventures covered this spring.

Wishing you lots of Chaco LUV and a great new year!

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By Katran 1/2/2012

Love my leather Pedsheds, will the canvas one come in other colors this spring?

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