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By Meagan 7/23/2014

Most Helpful Positive Review

I have 7 pairs for chacos and these are so cool! Thank you chaco for making a closed toe shoe with a buckle. They are great for school when we have to have closed toe shoes. They fit so great and I love everything about them!thanks you again for making them with a buckle. I have a small foot and the buckle really allows me to customize the size and this is great. Thank you chaco. You never let me down

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: I wear them everyday of the year. Even when it snows!

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By Lawrence 5/24/2014

Most Helpful Critical Review

Have to thank Chaco for the chance to test out this new shoe. I have worn these shoes for a few weeks now. Used for everyday life walking the dog, hiking, fishing, gardening, and sitting around the office with more activities to come. The traction is great on most all terrain. My issue with them is they have the drawback of sandals, debris get under your feet easily but with the more closed design of shoes the debris stays in the shoe. Also the closed in design doesn't breath like sandals so I notice my feet sweating when not wearing socks. Foot bed is comfortable. Good hybrid but personally not the shoe for me. Will stick with the Z1 and Z2 Styles for my go to summer wear. And shoes when needed.

Product Size Rating: Larger than Expected
How do you most use this product?: Walking

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Snazzy Gender-Neutral Shoes
By mollybee 8/11/2015

These shoes were redder than I expected from the photographs, but I kept them because they fit me perfectly, and THAT is a rare fit. I was surprised how well these shoes, though brightly coloured and flashy, combine well with so many outfits, even with some neutral coloured skirts. I'm a woman with wide size 13 feet, reduced to tears, and brutally forced by the shoe industry to wear men's size 11.5 shoes. So few of the size W13 shoes in the world seem to actually be made for human feet. They are either manufactured for fictional entities with narrow-boat paddles with no resemblance to actual feet-shaped feet, or a cruel joke played out by shoe manufacturers internationally. Chaco is no innocent in this matter, because they don't even MAKE shoes in women's sizes above size 11, with a pathetic and limited offering to those wearing a women's size 12. There's a cut-off on their sizing chart, so people like myself are cavalierly excluded from wearing their cute feminine shoes. I've been wearing men's styles Chacos for more than a decade and a half, up and down mountains, and through cities around the world. The high arch support is marvelous, and the effective tread has been a life-saver. But they are chunky, clunky, and not optimal pairs for formal dress occasions. I did my best, struggled along with mannish sandal-foot while my peers were wearing cute tootsie totes. You know-- lady-shoes. Or maybe you're like me, and you DON'T know, because lady-shoes were never made in our size! The red Outcross Web Shoes from Chaco are a step in the right direction for me. They are lighter than the Z2 sandals I'm used to. I can just about dance gracefully in these! But not quite, because I'm not naturally a graceful dancer. They offer simultaneous toe protection and an attractive shoe front, (well, at least more attractive than my gnarled up adventure-toes). The overall look of the shoe is jumbled and jazzy with the zigzagging of the brown-beige-red strap webbing over the red mesh, two-tone brown contour ribbing, black accents of two materials (one matte and one shiny), and the two-tone brown-black sole. It's already visually unsettling, but add to that the chaotic confusion of your zany coloured socks peeking through five places, and, well... just tone down your socks to "basic black" and you should be okay. I'm STILL looking for a more feminine outfit-combining shoe from Chaco IN MY SIZE. *CHACO: I AM A SIZE 13 WOMENS, MAKE SHOES FOR ME.* In the meantime, this blaring red, zigzag, combo-cross-hybrid-sandal-shoe offers a consolation prize to the gender-neutral crowd, with performance and pizazz.

Chaco's Reply: Thank you for your well-written feedback! We appreciate you taking the time to share with us and sharing your suggestions!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Everyday wear when I want comfort, control, and casual dress

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