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$110.00 Style J104375

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Average Rating: 3.0

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11% said Smaller than Expected
4% said Larger than Expected
85% said Sized as Expected

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Very Lightweight and comforable!
By byoung11six 8/2/2013

This sandal is great for everyday travel! It's very comfortable and lightweight so it makes a great casual everyday chaco. I don't recommend it for hikes though, I found myself slipping a lot and loosing traction with the sole that comes with it, but other than that it's a great sandal!

Chaco's Reply: The Updraft is a slightly more casual version of our Z series sandals. This is more lightweight, and should be a great casual everyday style. Thanks for this helpful review!!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Everyday travel

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Best version yet
By orchaco 8/26/2012

So much to love about the latest iteration of Chaco's adventure sandal series! This is the 5th or 6th pair of Z series sandals I have owned in the last 10 years, I can't remember. I'm pretty tough on my footwear and go through a pair every couple years through daily use around town, running, hiking, etc. While I have loved every pair of Chac's I've owned I think Chaco really got a few things right on the updraft mostly due to the new sole/footbed. First, the sole is a lower profile. Earlier versions always felt a bit bulky and heavy. The sole on the updraft is lightweight, extremely cushiony, and very supportive side to side which is ideal in uneven terrain, really cradles the foot. Second, the greatest thing about this new sole is that my feet don't get sweaty and smelly on a hot day like they have in past versions. Previous footbeds had enough micro pockets for "foot crap" to get stuck in and man it was just bad news. But with this latest footbed it doesn't seem to be a problem. In fact I honestly wish Chaco would just make the footbed totally smooth, no texture. Finally, I like how the strap that connects to the footbed at the ankle is essentially butted up to the foot bed, this is similar to early versions of chaco form the 90's which I always loved. I do, however, wish it wasn't a rubberish piece at the ankle, I prefer the cloth for those moments when you want to turn your sandal into a slip on version. All in all I really like this latest version. I just wish there was an all black option.

Chaco's Reply: Thank you for your awesome review and all of your input on our newest sandal, we really appreciate it! We’re glad you are enjoying the softer, lower profile footbed.

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: casual around town, hiking, running, rafting.

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By Pecos 7/10/2012

I own (or have owned) virtually all of the Chaco sandal models. For my purposes this is the best yet. I have worn them around town, long walks, casual hikes, driving and wandering around an international airport. Fit is excellent and in my case true to size. The only caveat is that I generally wear a wide shoe. I ordered the standard medium and the fit is just right. Wider would be sloppy. The sandal is very comfortable for casual wear and light activities. Unlike another reviewer I have not had a problem with the side strap although to be fair I have not worn them in any competitive sports. Good looking unit as well.

Chaco's Reply: It sounds like you are a Chaconian with a really well rounded collection! We really appreciate this helpful review, and your support.

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Getting around.

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