ZX/2® Yampa Wide Sandal

$100.00 Style J104018W

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86% said Sized as Expected

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2 years
By KinseynBartlett (Knoxville) 2/10/2014

Ive had my chacos for 2 years, and i absolutely love them. Thye have been to 2 different countries wiht me as well as multiple hikes! I am fixin to buy my second pair! Yay

Chaco's Reply: Awesome! Thank you for rockin' them all over the world and taking them on any adventure that comes your way. You should call our ReChaco team and customize a pair just for you!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: EVERY WAY

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Love, love, love 'em
By Deborah 11/6/2013

Did I mention that I love my new Chacos? I am a first time buyer and wonder what took me so long to try these. Once the straps were properly adjusted these shoes became an extension of my feet. I vacationed on the beach, ran crazy in airports, etc. all within a few days of purchasing with no issues what-so-ever. The older that I get the more problems that I seem to have with my feet. The strapping keeps my feet planted firmly and exactly where they need to be, no more sliding around. These sandals offer wonderful support and seem to have eliminated achy feet. Cleaning them is a breeze. I have rinsed them off in the garden hose for a quick refreshing and also threw them in the washer with my jeans for a good cleaning. I bought the black, simply because they go with everything, but will be getting bright, colorful Chacos soon. I am grateful to live in an area where sandals are appropriate footwear most everyday. They are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned! Love, love, love 'em!!! Oh! I almost forgot. I placed my order Monday evening and they were at my door Friday. Yep, 4 days . . . they came from MI and I live in central TX. Impressive delivery time (shipped ground). Thank you so very much.

Chaco's Reply: Welcome to the Chaco-sphere!!! Thank you for rocking these everywhere. When you are ready for another pair, but more colorful, it is always sweet to custom make a pair just for you.

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Everyday, Everywhere

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Know your fit and say thank you
By GethSympathizer 6/26/2013

Just got these sandals back on my feet and want to say thank you. Check the size guide and read the sizing info. Sizing up for those half sizes was important for me and so was knowing whether or not I needed a wide size or not. In the past I've worn an 8 regular in chaco-size but now find the wide size to be much more comfortable. For all you folks having problems with the double straps, especially around the toes, just remember that you can adjust that to fit you because if you don't, you might feel a pull from your toes all the way up your legs if one of the straps is too tight-they might need to be be pulled or slackened differently for you. I love the double straps because my wide and highly arched feet appreciate the difference in fit I can get from one spot on my foot to the other that a single strap can't give me, especially higher up. Same thing with my big toe. Whether I'm going to the grocery store or on a hike, this is my shoe of choice and has been for years and now I have an even better fit than before. Add to every day activities, recent herniated disks and this sandals has provided me with a lot of relief on the road back to being 100% awesome feeling again! There's no other shoe or sandal I can get a good a fit in as these and my feet and whole body are happy about that. If they get funky because you're too busy to give a good cleaning, just use the straps to help you get the gunk out and some simple green and a scrub brush or simple green and the washing machine. No need to offend other people and yourself. Super easy to clean. And not gonna lie, I've showered in my chaos before too. -takes ownership of spelling and grammar mistakes So, happy walking, hiking, running around, or whatever else you do in your shoes. Fit them to your foot correctly and they'll feel like an extension of your feet.

Chaco's Reply: Wow, thank you so much for this true Chaonian review! That is awesome you have even showered with these on to clean them. We appreciate your great feedback and tips on these Women's ZX/2® Yampa Wide Sandals.

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Anything and anywhere...

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