Z/2® Yampa Sandal

$100.00 Style J104334

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Average Rating: 5.0

60 reviews

7% said Smaller than Expected
7% said Larger than Expected
86% said Sized as Expected

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By Anonymous 7/24/2014

I absolutely love & adore these shoes. I'm an 18 year old, going off to college & have a lot of walking ahead of me. These shoes are absolutely perfect for anything. They're casual enough to go hiking in but look adorable for any occasion. These are great shoes for adventuring! At first, I was confused how to adjust the shoes and was frustrated because they made my feet hurt the first few times,but after that they fit absolutely perfect. I would recommend these to anyone!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Everyday walking

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Loving 'em!
By Anonymous 7/20/2014

I (a male with small feet) bought the Women's Z2 Yampa because the Men's sizing that are offered in stores are too big. Each store I visit stocks 8 and above in Men's (and often you find only 10 and above!), and while I normally wear a size 8 Men's closed shoe, the Chaco sandals in that size stuck out an inch and a half beyond my toe, making for a tripping hazard. So this time around I went with a Women's Size 7 Medium in the Z2 Yampa and it fits like a glove! I had previously purchased a Women's Size 8 Wide in the Z2 Unaweep, but after use, felt that they, too, were a size big for me (sandal still stuck out an inch beyond my toes), but it was too late to return them since I had worn them outside. They are now going to be sold in the classifieds since they are still in like new condition. I like this Yampa outsole because, although less aggressive in it's traction than the Unaweep pattern, it makes up for it in lighter weight, and I still feel that the tread pattern is adequate for hiking. They are quite comfortable in regards to arch and ankle support, and unlike my previous Z2 Uniweeps, my ankle stays in position on this new pair (in the old ones my ankle would slip back and forth because I couldn't tighten the heel portion of the strap enough to properly secure my foot). I would recommend them to anyone, especially males out there cursed with smaller feet (Don't be embarrassed by needing a Women's size shoe, they look identical to the Men's version, but are MUCH easier to find in a size that fits your foot!) To sum it up, I found the Z2 Yampa to be lightweight, provide a secure fit, offer excellent traction, and have an appealing look. I just wish Men's sandals for smaller shoe sizes were more widely available in retail outlets, but the Women's size 7 Medium worked perfectly for my normally Men's size 8 foot. I offered a rating of "Sized as Expected" ONLY because I tried them on in a retail store before purchase. If I had bought off the internet I think I would have gotten a sandal much too big for the sizing listed (I refer you to my experience of purchasing a Men's Size 8 that I had to return the day after purchase because it stuck out an inch and a half beyond my toe, and the Women's Size 8W that they replaced it with and told me was a better fit, which I later came to regret accepting because, if I hadn't made the mistake of wearing outside, I would have returned it too)

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Hiking/Camping/Fishing/Swimming

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By Anonymous 7/17/2014

Love these sandals!! So comfortable and love the colors!!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Anytime!

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