Z/2® Yampa Sandal

$100.00 Style J102014

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9% said Larger than Expected
82% said Sized as Expected

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All around best shoe ever!!
By eringoud_97 4/21/2014

I have been a chaco fan for 3 years. I bought my first pair which were the unaweep double straps. The straps got on my nerves because they were just too hard and annooying to keep having to adjust them. After three years I saw the pixel weave yampas and fell in love. I thought they looked cool and bought them. I prefer these over the unaweep simply because they arent as heavy but still durable. The single straps are way more comfortable and easier to manuever. I still wear the unaweep on rugged hikes but use these yampa daily as they are truly the best shoes ever!

Chaco's Reply: We are happy you found the best shoes ever! We are even happier that they are a wonderful pair of our sandals!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Daily activities, walking, hiking, kayaking

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Falling into Chaco Love
By lurecrestgirl 1/18/2014

Every summer I spend a week at camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where Chaco's are the unofficial uniform. Staff will be the first to tell you- Chacos are THE BEST, and a necessity for spending a summer at Camp. I {finally} ordered myself a pair of the Z/2 Yampa's for Christmas this year during a free shipping offer. By the time I got them I was giddy- I mean giddy- about wearing them. They went with me to Folly Beach, SC that weekend, where I wore them walking on the beach every day despite the frigid temps. So looking forward to wearing my Chacos while adventuring. Have so much confidence in their durability-and will be wearing them for many, many summers to come. They are super comfortable and I can now truly say I have "bought into" the Chaco life! ; )

Chaco's Reply: Welcome to the Chaco-sphere, we are so glad you finally joined and are an official Chaconian! The sweet adventures are only to come and we hope you make many great memories with your new Women's Z/2® Yampa Sandal's!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: adventuring

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Love these shoes!
By kkalyta 10/9/2013

I am absolutely in love with my chacos. I just recently went on a trip to Costa Rica and wore them everywhere. From sand to ocean to jungle, these sandals provided my feet the ultimate support and comfort. The only problem with them is a loose heel strap and main straps that are too long. I am going to have to send them in and get the straps shortened which is a pain, but other than that the shoes are amazing. I will never buy another brand of strap sandals.

Chaco's Reply: Welcome to the Chaco-sphere! That is so cool they got to travel to Costa Rica with you and left Chaco prints in the sand and jungle!!! Contact out awesome ReChaco team at 1-888-211-9211 to talk about shortening those straps.

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Everyday

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