Z/2® Yampa Sandal

$105.00 Style J104311

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Average Rating: 5.0

54 reviews

4% said Smaller than Expected
12% said Larger than Expected
84% said Sized as Expected

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By Anonymous 8/19/2015

Unique shoes unlike anything I have worn before. Extremely comfortable. I could tell that they were a sturdy product as soon as I put them on.

Chaco's Reply: Be unique... and comfortable! Journey on, Chaconian!

Product Size Rating: Smaller than Expected
How do you most use this product?: casually

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A magical thing
By Anonymous 7/29/2015

So, let me begin by saying if you are undecided on whether to buy these or not because of the price BUY THEM. My worst decision was waiting to purchase these because of reasons that were so not worth it. These are the absolute best sandals on the market. I use them for fishing, kayaking, walking, hiking, everyday use, and just about everything else. These Chacos not only look good but they also do everything you put them through remarkably well. They are tanks and i don't see myself having to get another pair for a long time. Thats not to say i won't get more for no reason because these things are just that awesome. All in all this purchase will keep you happy for a very long time. Advice time. Make sure these are adjusted correctly. Preferably have someone at a store do it for you but if a store isn't available like me then just look it up on YouTube. YouTube is a great tool and i had mine perfect in about 5 minutes. Another thing, readjust these every couple of weeks or so especially if you're doing anything that involves sand, water, etc. The gunk will accumulate in the cracks and will make the sandals very difficult to adjust. And the last piece of advice, BUY THESE. You will not regret it

Chaco's Reply: Thank you for you kind words! It is our mission to bring these exact things to the table!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: outdoor activities

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Never Want to Take Them Off
By Anonymous 7/22/2015

As a girl with big and wide feet, I was sad when I couldn't fit into womens chacos. I fell in love with the look of this style, but I needed an 11 wide in womens and sadly the wides only go up to a 10. I decided to customize so I could pick out brighter colors and patterns of my own. I was still worried about these still looking big and bulky..in other words, more like mens shoes. But when they came in- just a couple days later!- they looked pretty much exactly the same as a womens Z2 - so this style is pretty much unisex, the mens just runs wider. Yay! I loved how they looked from the start and they fit my wide feet perfectly. In fact, if your feet are really wide and you are still worried about these being big enough, go with a mens wide because my feet are right up against the sides. I started wearing them around right away and my feet hurt. I began to panic a bit that they didn't fit correctly, but after wearing them around for a week or so, they felt perfect. Part of that was playing with the straps and figuring out what felt right, the other was getting used to the extra support. So customized or not, you are still getting a shoe that feels like it was made for you. Whether that's running errands or walking in a river, you're ready for anything in these things.

Chaco's Reply: On the town or the river, you'll be looking and feeling great!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Everyday / Outdoor

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