Z/1® Unaweep Wide Sandal

$105.00 Style J104988W

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Layered Waves 19mm

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What took me so long?
By Anonymous 6/3/2015

Most Helpful Positive Review

How did I get to 46 w/o a pair of Chacos? I have no idea. Good thing I came to my senses. I live in Florida, and since I got my Custom Z/1 Windowpane Unaweeps in 9w last winter, my other shoes have sat neglected. I am a distance runner, a walker and a traveler. These shoes fit the bill for my lifestyle. They are supportive, tough, and keep my feet cool (except when sockos are in order). I did find that the straps rubbed the outside edge of my big toes and caused raw spots at first, but then I realized I just needed to keep the straps slightly loose as the break in process was happening. I just had them cinched down too tight. Problem solved. They are now so comfortable, I have no idea how to even put the feeling into words. I wear them as slippers in the house. I dress them up, dress them down, I wear them on walks--I wear them everywhere!! My job doesn't allow them, or I would be wearing them to work. They get dirty, into the shower they go with me. How easy is that? I have had an on/again off/again battle with plantar fasciitis for over a decade, apparently my wicked high arches and running make for a bad combo. Frustrating! However, since regularly wearing my Chacos, I have had no flares of PF--the superb arch support has reduced the arch strain I normally experience in flops. Running is life, so these shoes have helped my feet in ways I could have never imagined (to clarify, I do have to wear running shoes while running-not Chacos :( ). These shoes have already investigated the Keys, toured Disney World, and checked out Germany and Amsterdam. I hope they have a long, long life in front of them. They are already an old friend. I also have a pair of Z/2 Unaweeps in 9w, and they are nice. However, I have decided I do not care for the toe loop, and they are nowhere NEAR as comfortable, nor fit as nicely as my custom model. I loved my Z/1s SO much, that I just customed a second pair. They fit true to size, as I am a 9-9 1/2 and comfortably wear a women's 9. I have a super fat, high volume foot, and I have plenty of strap length available to wear the sandals snug or sloppy. The Unaweep sole is a good choice for me because I walk SO much, that I like the deeper tread nubs to slow the wear. Plus, the sole makes them very solid and stable when going over rough/uneven ground. The footbed is extremely cushy and feels amazing under my foot. The heel cup is a tad narrow for a "wide" shoe, but not so much that it makes the sandals uncomfortable. Some of us have fat, wide feet from front to back! Hopefully this will help other folks looking to make the leap to Chacos. I was just researching multi-purpose travel shoes when I stumbled upon Chacos. If my feet hurt, I CANNOT enjoy myself, and I am on the move ALL THE TIME, so good shoes are required. Chacos work for everyone! Young, old and inbetween. My 12yo niece also drank the Chaco Koolaid and now refuses to wear anything else. Converting the world to Chacos, one pair of feet at a time :)

Chaco's Reply: Thank you for sharing your experience and welcome to the Chaco family! :)

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Wear them every stinkin day, year round

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Super wide. Color discrepancy.
By Salomé 9/18/2014

Most Helpful Critical Review

I ordered the wide because I chronically have trouble finding shoes that will fit my wide feet and the fit was great, though I found these to be so much wider than the regular they were almost too wide, in the foot bed. The length of the webbing was a perfect fit. Alas, I ended up returning these because the yellow looked so much brighter in reality than the online picture had prepared me for. I have had a pair of Z2s since the late 90s? I think? And I love them, but I am going to order a custom pair of the Z1s, now that I've tried these on, because I definitely found that I preferred the freedom of movement for my big toe.

Product Size Rating: Larger than Expected

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Best all around sandal EVER!
By Anonymous 5/22/2015

My first pair is now worn enough to be my favorite garden shoe. Second pair just went in for refurbish. Third pair are on my feet right now. Pretty much wear them 365 days a year, even when snow on the ground!

Chaco's Reply: We've said it before and we'll say it again, Chaconians are dedicated! Thank you!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: All the time

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