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$110.00 Style J104932

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14% said Smaller than Expected
14% said Larger than Expected
72% said Sized as Expected

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By lalaladida 9/15/2010

Most Helpful Positive Review

I would rate these shoes 50 if I could!!! I absolutely love my chacos. They are my first pair and I got them in may. my family goes to the lake almost every other weekend and I am the only one who can walk on the slippery mossy rocks without any problem at all-- because I'm the only one wearing chacos! All my friends, and pretty much anyone I meet all love the strap design. I LOVE these chacos! My feet are pretty wide, but the chacos fit relatively well. I'm used all my shoes being a little tight in width, though so that might have something to do with it :)

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: all the time!

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Chaco should offer these in a wide width
By christine1234 8/8/2010

Most Helpful Critical Review

I am a whitewater paddler and needed a shoe that would be comfortable and stay on feet in water in rough terrain. These were my first pair of Chaco's and it did take me some time to get the straps adjusted properly. The first thing I noticed was that after standing in them for about 20 minutes my arches were in a lot of pain. I talked to a friend who has a pair of Chaco's and asked her if there was a break in period. She said no, but when we compared sandals it became obvious that my feet were over the sole on both sides while hers were not. She said she had narrow feet and that Chaco;s run narrow and that I probably needed a wide width. Unfortunately they do not offer this shoe in wide so I need to return them. The other thing I noticed is that the heel strap was always loose no matter what I did because it is a fixed length, I could always get a finger underneath it. And lastly,the rubber sole seemed really hard, i was hoping for a little bit of cushiness. Bottom line is that these were painful and need to be returned, it's too bad because I really wanted to like these.

Product Size Rating: Smaller than Expected
How do you most use this product?: whitewater paddling

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By Anonymous 4/5/2014

So I invite Ryan my new friend to go on a little adventure into the back country of Panama to jump off some waterfalls. I had on some Nike sandals (yeah I know) and Ryan some other brand. Well I was slipping around like a drunken sailor on these rocks in the river and Ryan was walking as though he was on asphalt. When we got to the top off the first waterfall I almost went off head first when I slipped on the moss, but Ryan actually went out about 2 feet further on this super slick moss covered rock with no trouble. This went on all afternoon, me slipping, him laughing. When we got back to the car I phisically removed his sandal from his foot to see how in the heck they worked so well and really the only major thing I can tell you is the rubber seemed softer. What I expected to see was Octopus like suction cups or something. So I have 2 pairs of these Chaco Z2 pros on order, 1 for myself and 1 for my wife. Yes I wrote this review without actually owning a pair of my own yet, but from what I saw these Chaco's defy all laws of nature on slick rocks. I would go so far as to call them the velcro soles of water sandals.

Chaco's Reply: Nothing helps a pair of sea legs like the confidence of Chaco. It is awesome to know that you have become a true Chaconian before you even owned a pair. Thanks for this awesome review!!!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Hiking up rivers

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