The Amazing Flying Emily

Since I was very young I've had dreams that I could fly.  A part of me thought that I had reached my dream of "flying" by becoming a highline walker. Then I moved to Moab, Utah and became surrounded by BASE Jumpers, Skydivers, and Paragliders. 


Ambassador Emily Finds Herself Walking the International Wire!

I was recently given the opportunity to with work with a truly amazing individual and photographer: Krystle Wright out of Australia. She is only 25 years old and has already figured out how to live her life as an adventure sports photographer. 


So life is a crazy thing, right?

I am certainly no expert on life after 25 years of living it, but one thing I've realized is if you don't follow your dreams you will forever wish you did. There comes a point when you figure out what your dreams are, for me it’s a life full of adventure, travel, personal growth and most of all – love. There's really no time to waste and no time but right now so I’m choosing to live my dreams!

What I love to do the most in life these days is highline, rock climb and be outside. When I'm doing any one of these things I feel more alive and more focused than I do any other place on earth. I find the elation of physically and mentally conquering a challenge addicting. Just getting out there makes me happy, but successfully walking a slackline set meters above the ground or scaling a cliff face makes me feel strong. I'm learning to transfer the skills I’ve cultivated in my athletic life into my every day life and it makes me believe anything is possible. 

This summer I've chosen to live out of my car in order to learn more about myself, and the world. A few years ago even thinking about doing something like this terrified me, but I finally feel ready to take that leap. You know when something just feels right? 

Stay tuned for more on my adventures and be sure to follow me on my social networks!





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