#INTERVIEWED: Anna Levesque


Get ready to cheer on Chaco friend and Olympian Tim Hornsby

Hi, I’m Tim Hornsby, 2012 Olympic kayaker. I will be racing in the 200m flatwater sprint race at Eton Dorney starting on August 10th. Just a few months ago, I was an Olympic hopeful. 


Tales From Around the World, Usually Some Place Near Moving Water

Maybe that Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley living out of his van down by the river left too much of an impression on me….


A Hunter of Water

The word nomad is a great description of myself. I enjoy the unpredictable life of traveling in a RV and constantly being on and around the water. I've been kayaking since I was thirteen years old so I am accustomed to an on-water lifestyle. Over the past few years I've directed my focus to competing in Kayaking, and am becoming a fierce competitor, with solid goals for this year. I am ranked 2nd in the USA and 5th in the world for Freestyle kayaking.


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