With a Little Help From Our Friends, Chaco Aid to Lend a Hand to the Southeast

No one can be too prepared for a natural disaster, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t all pitch in to lend some luv and support to restore lost lives, homes and smiles.

I spent many a summer paddling canoes and kayaks through the streets of my childhood landscape, rescuing cats, picking up trash and patrolling to help prevent vandalism. I say streets instead of rivers because every now and then the mighty Mississippi would flood our precious fields, towns and homes. The flood of ’93 is still visible half-way up multiple story buildings where, like a tattoo, the water left its mark. That was the summer that with calloused hands from weeks of sandbagging, the levy finally broke and instead of filling anymore sandbags, we filled our hearts with prayers, knowing that nature cannot be stopped.

Within the Chaco brand, each of us could tell a similar story, about an avalanche, a mudslide, a hurricane or a tornado …we have all been witness to such erratic and ever-present disasters. However none of our experiences can come near to the most recent experience in the Southeast, specifically Alabama. Many of our most incredible retail partners are in this area and for that reason alone, we felt the need to lend a hand and some shoes. Chaco has been in touch with 4 varying retailers in the Southeast: Mountain High Outfitters, Kinnucan’s, Eagle Eye Outfitters and Alabama Outdoors and our Facebook + Twitter Chaconians to better understand what type of help is most needed at a time like this. The response to this inquiry was clear …shoes + money. So, instead of picking organizations ourselves, we encouraged these 4 retailers to choose local organizations within their territories that we could send some financial luv + product to.

Below is a list of the organizations.

1) Junior League of Birmingham: 2011 Storm Relief
In the name of Mountain High Outfitters

2) Humane Society of West Alabama
In the name of Kinnucan’s

3) East McFarland Baptist Church, Pastor, Doug Reeves, 6007 McFarland Blvd. E, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 205.345.2560
In the name of Eagle Eye Outfitters

4) Tuscaloosa Disaster Relief Fund, PO Box 020410, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35402, 205.758.7588
In the name of Alabama Outdoors

On behalf of Chaco, our hearts of full of luv for you all. As my dad would often say when the shit hit the fan, “This too shall pass.”

Take good care.
Team Chaco


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