New Years Resolutions From Chaco Ambassador Lindsey Wilson

Last year was rough. A hard pregnancy, a new baby, a move, a change in jobs... But we're back in business this year and excited to set some outdoor resolutions!


Summer Highlights from Chaco Ambassador Haley Mills

As summer fades into fall, take a minute to reflect on your favorite Chaconian moments from the past season, and if you're truely inspired share them with us on Facebook. Here are some highlights from Chaco Ambassador Team member Haley Mills. ALSO stay tuned to the blog for more feature videos from Haley and Mike's summer tour.


The Amazing Flying Emily

Since I was very young I've had dreams that I could fly.  A part of me thought that I had reached my dream of "flying" by becoming a highline walker. Then I moved to Moab, Utah and became surrounded by BASE Jumpers, Skydivers, and Paragliders. 


Ambassador Emily Finds Herself Walking the International Wire!

I was recently given the opportunity to with work with a truly amazing individual and photographer: Krystle Wright out of Australia. She is only 25 years old and has already figured out how to live her life as an adventure sports photographer. 


The Katie Dean Skunk Tour, Live on the Chattooga!

Imagine going on a hike with a fifty-pound kayak on your shoulder. Now load that kayak with all your camping gear, squish in some canyoneering equipment, and sling that expensive multi media gear over your shoulder. Self-support kayaking can be a physical challenge but this is not a story about a cumbersome multi-day trip. This is the Katie Dean Skunk Tour, LIVE on the Chattooga!  


What's a Chaconian?

You are Chaco!

Chaconians are our pride and joy! They pound pavement, trails, and waves. They teach, reach, and perform. They're people who trust their Chacos, and we're honored to support them.