My Chaco’s go everywhere my feet go- by Team Priority Health Member Chelsea Clark

Whether it’s to work, to a big cycling event or an ever so thrilling, power walking shopping adventure. However, my favorite place is on top of the podium (I’ll even settle for on the podium ). After being cramped in my cycling shoes for hours, it is a good time for my feet to celebrate, while I celebrate. 


Awesome places I've been in my Chacos by Team Priority Health Member Alan Antonuk

1. My back stoop after a long day enjoying a beverage and the twilight


Team Priority Health Gets 'Uplifted...' to the Chaco-sphere

Chaco is proud to support Team Priority Health. This group of 65 semi-pro athletes from our “neck of the woods” are a shining example of what we believe in—Getting outside, playing and pushing the limit. Find out more about them in their blog below.


Why Liberating your Feet is Such a Good Thing- Priority Health Athlete Dan Yankus

I spend the workday in shoes generally picked for style over comfort. Depending on the season, my feet transition into cross-country ski boots or cycling shoes for the evening workout. They serve their purpose but comfort can sometimes be lacking. My feet feel trapped, so I’m always looking to liberate them.


I Love the Wicked Tan Lines- Team Priority Health Athlete Chelsea Clark

As an athlete, I spend a lot of time moving. Whether it’s in the car on the way to a race or the hours upon hours of training…I am constantly on the go.  The best part is having a pair of shoes that allow me to continue to be active without aching feet at the end of the day. Dressed up, or dressed to race (minus the cycling shoes) I rely on my Chaco sandals to keep me moving.


What's a Chaconian?

You are Chaco!

Chaconians are our pride and joy! They pound pavement, trails, and waves. They teach, reach, and perform. They're people who trust their Chacos, and we're honored to support them.