The Chaco Ambassador Life- Haley Mills

Why do I love the life I lead? That was one question I kept asking myself while being overly caffeinated and driving a total of 30 hours across the country solo. The main reason I feel blessed to travel is I am constantly learning. If it's figuring out a new trick, getting a life lesson I won't forget, or just realizing there are highs and lows in competing, and that if I am happy I can give more love to those around me on and off the water. The weeks following team trails were been busy with a SUP race in Chattanooga, TN, surfing the dries, and Richmond River Rocks. 


Highlights from the Boardworks SHUBU Tour Presented by Chaco

The Boardworks 2013 Show Up and Blow Up SUP Demo Tour presented by Chaco has kicked off in full force. See some of the fun Chaco times below, then visit the tour website HERE to find a stop near you. The tour will visit over 30 sites across the nation, showcasing the latest, most innovative boards, paddles, and Chaco Performance Sandals and Shoes through a series of nation wide SUP events.


Paddling Uganda with Chaco Ambassador Haley Mills

After fighting sleep for hours I decide to stumble my way to make coffee and open my computer that is fully charged for the first time in months. Its four in the morning and my body is living somewhere between Africa and the US time zone. My first sip of coffee doesn’t taste like the gray gritty coffee that I am used to from the island. If I was still living island life it would be 12pm, I would be finishing up my first paddling session and probably playing water volleyball while lunch was being prepared. Now I am in a house in the states trying to type up a blog that will some how recap all the awesome adventures I have experienced in the past month while in Africa.


Summer Highlights from Chaco Ambassador Haley Mills

As summer fades into fall, take a minute to reflect on your favorite Chaconian moments from the past season, and if you're truely inspired share them with us on Facebook. Here are some highlights from Chaco Ambassador Team member Haley Mills. ALSO stay tuned to the blog for more feature videos from Haley and Mike's summer tour.


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