Chaco Color and Trend team here, reporting in from Chaco HQ. You may also know us as the team working hard to bring you festive and fun webbing designs... or just “Color Wizards”, if you prefer! Lately here at the office we have had a great time crafting some extra personalized Chacos. All six pairs were custom-made in the USA by the amazing team at MyChacos and we took it a step further and added some extra bling to really personalize them! We are going to share three DIY options, but the possibilities are endless!!



Chaco Color and Trend team is here again, reporting in from Chaco HQ. As promised, we are back with another DIY MyChacos post to inspire and excite our loyal Chaco Nation!


Fall for Chaco with the Versatile Natilly

By: Marly the Chaco Intern


Introducing Barefoot Z’s

The world’s at your feet.



Chaco Guest Blog Contributor River Sports Outfitters 


Chaconian Weddings with MyChaco

Want to feel comfy and special on your wedding day? Fit for adventure of any kind, Chacos are the perfect choice for one of life's biggest adventures- weddings and marriage. The MyChaco team will build Chaconian brides and grooms unique, custom sandals for the big day, crafted on the LUVSEAT™ platform for trusted comfort and support.


Broken Chaco, ReChaco, New Chaco!

Dads are good for fixing many things, but perhaps not your favorite Chacos. For that task we recommend the highly skilled and specially trained ReChaco Team.


Introducing the Lovely FANTASIA Sandal

Part of Chaco's new NearGround collection, the Fantasia offers the legendary LUVSEAT™ footbed support in a lightweight, low profile, and super easy to adjust sandal. Made with a sole of 25% recycled rubber, our proprietary EcoTread™ merges high-traction with eco-function.


Happy Birthday MyChacos

In Celebration of Your Adventurous Soles!

Today we not only celebrate the first anniversary of MyChacos, but all of you - your creativity and custom designs that continue to inspire the Chaco-Nation! Here’s a look back at our first year of Chaconian design, vision and LUV. Read on for fun tips, tricks, and tales…

Tips + Tricks from MyChaco Guru, Lisa K.:

1. Create your school or camp sandals by using their colors. 

2. Grab your pal + create matching sandals.

3. Different size feet? We can make sandals in a different size for each foot. 

4. Wide feet? We build custom sandals in wide widths too!

5. Adjustments? We can lengthen or shorten straps (main strap, heel riser, buckle strap, or heel leash) to make them fit perfectly.

6. Not enough sole choices for you? Or need a stickier sole? We can do that! In the special instructions box you may request our Unaweep or Pro soles.

7. See all the new options for the Chaco logo badge including our iconic Gecko in color.  Hint - Click on the Gecko for a surprise option!

Adventurous Souls (and soles)


What's a Chaconian?

You are Chaco!

Chaconians are our pride and joy! They pound pavement, trails, and waves. They teach, reach, and perform. They're people who trust their Chacos, and we're honored to support them.