A new Chaconian recently called to share with us how he had discovered Chaco’s. The story was so great, and made us laugh so hard, we decided it was just to good not to share.

The young man’s story began on some sort of bus tour he took with his parents. At some point along the way everyone was dropped off for a hike. All was jubilant until the man met a skunk on the trail, which turned out to be very unfortunate encounter… and we mean VERY, he was completely sprayed.

Not wanting to impose his current (smelly) state on the rest of the passengers on the crowded bus the man decided to strip down, discard his offensive garments (including his footwear), and board the bus in only his boxers. Thankful for sparing them the stench the bus kindly stopped at the nearest town where the man was able to shower at a truck stop while his Mom dashed to a nearby retailer to buy him some new clothing and shoes. 

Here comes the happy ending!

Fortunately for the young man, his mother came back with a pair of Chaco’s. He boarded the bus in his new footwear and smelling great. He had never worn Chaco’s before and called to tell us that due to this seemingly unfortunate event, he now can’t live without them!

We’re sending our thanks to the skunk ;)



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