Chacosambassador Chris Baer describes a recent kayak race in Colorado.

The ultimate mix of kayaking and American Gladiators, the 8 Ball Race entangles multiple ruthless concepts together to create maximum crowd and participant enthusiasm. First off, four kayak racers are unleashed onto the course together. There are up to a dozen “8 balls” on the creek, kayakers with the sole purpose of challenging and rearranging the finish order. Put all of these kayaker’s agendas together on a tight and crazy creek with a thousand screaming spectators… that is The 8 Ball Race, and I am an 8 ball!

Competitors during the 8 Ball Race

Smiles and disaster everywhere

The crowd laughed, booed, and screamed for more as kayakers tried to make it past me. By the end of the day it was all hugs and high fives, as competitors and 8 ballers were joking, telling stories of being run over and trounced.


About Chris Baer: In 2011, Chris Baer's Chaco flips took him to eight countries and nineteen states! Chris is an adventuring modern day gypsy chasing his dreams one rapid at a time. In his explorations, Chris has come to know the world and is the epitome of many a Chaconian. Watch the Chaco blog and as he continues to embrace and share his life of adventure.

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