There's something about balancing your way across an abyss that takes you far away from your everyday life and into a place of extreme focus, determination, and overcoming your innate fears. I've become quite fascinated with pushing my personal limits as far as possible, both physically and mentally.

I'm Emily and I'm very excited to be a part of the Chaco Ambassador Team. I'm 25 years old, am heavily addicted to dark chocolate, love puppy dogs and am a bit of a nomad. My favorite thing in the world right now is slacklining, which is defined as "balancing on a narrow piece of webbing stretched between two anchor points".

Within this unique balance sport there are three categories: Tricklining, Longlining and Highlining. They are all pretty self explanatory but in short: "Tricklining" is performing tricks on the line (flips, rotations, static poses, etc), "Longlining" is walking anywhere from 100 feet- 1500 feel long and "Highlining" is setting up a line anywhere above 20 feet in the air. I participate in all three aspects of the sport and love themm all but my true calling is, hands down, highlining. If you've seen the movie "Man on Wire," replace the tight rope with a slackline and you'll have a pretty good idea of what I like to do.

Emily Sukiennik


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