Below we've reproduced a really great post by Julie Trevelyan of the blog Wild Girl Writing. You've gotta check her out! She's the real deal, and we're proud to call her a Chaconian.

Before I moved to Utah, I was a Teva girl. Wore ‘em all the time, had several pairs. But shortly after I discovered the great, empty (well, in the southern portion) state of Utah, I also discovered Chacos. Everyone was wearing them. My coworkers. Native Utahn tourists. The rugged outdoorsy guys I liked. The kickass outdoorsy women I emulated. Hell, I think there were some dogs running around in little Chaco footies. (Kidding.)

So I finally went out and bought my first pair of Chacos back in 2002, and the future of my footwear changed forever.

I freaking live in my Chacos during the warm season. Live in them. Other than riding boots or hiking boots, I pretty much wear only Chacos on my feet from April-October, give or take a few weeks depending on the weather. I hike in them, I go to dinner in them, I work in them, I wear them to the store, the post office, the hair dresser. I’ve been known to drive tractors while wearing them:

On trails, on the sidewalk, in my backyard when I’m gardening.

I wore them in Hawaii last year. Shrug: I just love my Chacos.

Current count of Chaco pairs owned: 8.

Current count of Tevas owned: 2. (And although I still really like them, I just rarely wear them.) -to be continured...


Stay tuned to the Chaco blog for part two of Julie's story... the why.

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