Chaco is proud to support Team Priority Health. This group of 65 semi-pro athletes from our “neck of the woods” are a shining example of what we believe in—Getting outside, playing and pushing the limit. Find out more about them in their blog below.

Team Priority Health is a group of 65 semi-pro athletes competing in road and off-road cycling, Xterra, running, nordic skiing and triathlons. Our athletes are Midwest-made endurance performers with outstanding commitment to their sport and community by visiting schools, putting on clinics and talking to kids about health, wellness and active lifestyle.  Who better to put Rockford-made Chaco sports sandals through the paces?

Some of our athletes are hitting the roads, trails, and streams this summer outfitted with Chaco's new Updraft - a sleek, lightweight, flexible sandal that's prepared to take a beating. Ideally suited for athlete recovery, the Updrafts are easy to break-in and offer out-of-the-box comfort. The shape and design features – which include nice arch support – promote post-race circulation. Other athletes are putting the indestructible ZX/2 Yampas through the paces, with its custom-fit double strapping web and sturdy tread base. Chaco sports sandals have some unique features that fit our athletic lifestyle: the LuvSeat sole that cradles the heel and the sanction of the American Podiatric Medical Association, to mention a few.   With Chaco, our athletes recover faster so they can compete more often and perform at their best.

Stay tuned as our team bloggers Dan Yankus, Alan Antonuk, Marie Dershem, Chelsea Clark and Laura Melendez blog their adventures.

Check them out HERE at the Chaconian blog.








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