This is what your Chacos are for, after all! An image showing movement

- whether it's jumping, running, biking, or simply walking - will

almost always tell a more adventurous story than a still life.

Shooting movement on a mobile device can be tricky, as their response

times and shutter speeds tend to be slower. If you want to capture an

action shot on your phone, try shooting in burst mode and then

selecting your favorite image later.  If you're shooting on a DSLR,

make sure your shutter speed is at 1/160th or higher. This is the

"magic number" for avoiding motion blur.

Don't Look Down

I swear this one has nothing to do with my fear of heights! Rather,

it's a call to originality. How many times have we all taken a shoe

shot by just pointing the camera straight down at our feet? It's the

most logical way to document your Chaco tan, but try thinking outside

the box. Get down on the ground, climb a tree, shoot through a fence,

the list goes on! The more unique your image is, the more it will

stand out.

Post processing

Over-saturated HDR images are a trend of the past. Keep your

processing simple, true, and sharp. For mobile phone shooters, apps

like VSCO and Afterlight give you tons of options for making your good

photos look great. Pick a rad filter, straighten up horizon lines,

bump up the contrast, or whatever edits may suit your eye.

Open your eyes and Have Fun

This may seem like a given, but it's true! Get out there and

photograph the unexpected. Exciting adventures usually means exciting

images, but don't forget simple moments in your every day life too.

Keep an eye open for great light when you are walking into the coffee

shop or the grocery store. Maybe inspiration will strike on a mountain

top, but maybe it will strike when you're headed to the post office.

Amazing images can be made in the most mundane of places.

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