No, I didn’t climb a mountain in my CHACOS

No, I didn’t ride a camel across the Sahara in my CHACOS

I didn’t even climb to the top of the Empire State Building in my CHACOS.

My adventure of a lifetime is truly a lifetime adventure. I looked up the definition of ADVENTURE on Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Here is what I found:

1. a : an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risk

        b : the encountering of risks <the spirit of adventure>

2. an exciting or remarkable experience <an adventure in exotic dining>

First thing that came to mind… PARENTING!

While there is the occasional podium finish, a trophy now and again, I spend every day, all day in my CHACOS. I have 3 pair, each with a specific purpose. My red ones are for keeping my feet comfortable while I do dishes, cook, do laundry, play games, cutting hair, and generally being the super-cool mom I am at home.

My black CHACOS join me while commuting to the grocery store (and everywhere I can get to by bike) on my awesome urban assault vehicle. When I have to hop in the minivan (yes, I am that cool), I wear my CHACOS while driving kids to and from horseback riding lessons, soccer practice, piano lessons, play dates, the pool, the beach, the park, hiking, biking, and generally enjoying the great outdoors… you get the idea. 

My awesome green CHACOS I save for pre and post race. I am a cyclist, runner and triathlete. When I am done with a race, I want nothing more than to free my feet from the confines of my various racing shoes and slip on my awesome, new green CHACOS. This feeling cannot be underrated. Seriously. They are my recover sandals – ALWAYS. 

My point is that CHACOS can be worn for almost all of life’s adventures – large or small. My life is filled with little adventures that add up to one, big, lifelong adventure. Thanks, CHACOS, for putting the spring in my step in this adventure of a lifetime. 




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