Stephanie Hill dishes about her experiences during her most recent Chaco adventure, a three-week rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. Besides being a dedicated Chaconian, Stephanie is the wife of Chaco guru Brandan Hill (Product Development Director for Chaco), the man behind your favorite sandals and shoes. 

Tell us about life on the river?

Life on the river was rhythmic and balanced. The morning was full of work- getting the camp packed up and the boats ready for the water. But as we pushed off for the day, our hard work paid off with a day full of wonder and excitement blended with the relaxation of simply floating through the magical place that is the Grand Canyon.

Did your trip change anything about you?

I got completely swallowed up at times in the beauty of the Canyon. Everyday I would wake and say to myself "THIS is the GRAND CANYON." I made sure I was really soaking it all in! With the focus on me I rediscovered my love of and comfort within the wilderness. Stars, water, rock, and sun is what makes me feel big and small, lost and connected, grounded and free. My surroundings during the trip were a centering place.


Tell us a bit about your use of Chacos on the trip?

I only brought Chacos on the trip. Of course my Z/2's (seen below) saw a lot of use! However, I fell in love with my Tedinho's! I started wearing them as the days got shorter and cooler. What I loved about all of the Chaco styles is the grip of the soles on the rocks. I was super confident hiking in my Chacos, which made for amazing side canyon discoveries.


Chacos Z/2 Yampa

Tell us about your Chacos experience on the river?

It was super fun seeing my friends get into their Chacos for the first time. Obviously they were excited to get a pair but watching them appreciate the comfort and functionality of the shoes was the best part. Our Chacos allowed us to travel by foot to places that we may not have been able to explore. Much appreciated by all!


Stephanie returned home from her three-week trip with renewed sense of self and a rejuvenated passion for the outdoors. Care to share your life-changing adventure experience? Send us a note at and we'll consider interviewing you for a future blog post.

*all trip photos courtesy of Christian Timmerman




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