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By Allison 10/15/2012

As a wedding planner in the mountains of Western North Carolina, I have been searching for the perfect boot to wear through winter. My Chaco sandals are my summer go-to wedding shoe (I consider them dressy as long as my toenails are painted and I'm wearing a cute dress). I have issues with foot pain from years of ballet, backpacking, and weight lifting, and my shoes are a critical compenent to minimize my pain. I still live an active lifestyle, and cannot sacrifice comfort for style. Wedding coordination often requires 12+ hours of running around, while looking cute, on stairs, in the rain, on mountainous terrain, and every boot that I've tried has failed the test. I would love to have the Credence Boot to put to the test - it's cute yet rugged, and looks to have the amazing support that has me committed to my Chaco sandals.

By LENCI 10/22/2012

I found this other article in a travel magazine, Stowaway, about love for Chacos

By Team Chaco 10/24/2012

Hi Allison, We're so glad you've found relief in Chaco sandals, and we're with you on the painted toenails! The Credence Boot is built on the same great LUVSEAT™ platform as our sandals so it'll offer the same support and comfort in the winter months as your sandals do when it's warm out.

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