Below we've reproduced part two of a really great post by Julie Trevelyan of the blog Wild Girl Writing. You've gotta check her out! She's the real deal, and we're proud to call her a Chaconian.


The first fascination belongs to some sort of coolness factor. Have you ever seen those Chaco ad posters, with the feet that have Chaco tan lines? Something about that screams friends, fun, outdoors, rugged, laid-back, in the sunshine. And most of my friends here were living that actual life. As a result, I wanted it too. (Take a bow, Chaco marketing department. Your ads live in real life, and they apparently work.)

Secondly, Chacos are functional. Sure, you can wear them in the water, they’re sturdy as all get out, and they last a long time depending on how hard you use ‘em. But I mean they’re also just functional for everyday use, as I noted above. I approve of that. Heck, I have many friends who’ve gotten married in their Chacos. (Too bad Chaco doesn’t make white pairs…yet. However, you can buy white webbing and get it attached to your footbed. Cool!)

Another reason why is that they’re easy. It’s simple to slip them on, kick them off, throw them in the back of your truck. You can attach them to the outside of your pack to use as camp shoes or river crossers. Washing them is no problem. It’s okay if they get dirty (and really, they’re meant to), so you don’t have to watch every foot placement for fear of scuffing them. (Oh, the horror.)

Final reason why: the famous Chaco foot tan. Dude. It’s ridiculously fun, silly, cool, and a clear demonstration of the kind of life one leads. For example: whenever I visit my family in southern California, I notice how few Chacos and Chaco tans I see. ‘Nuff said.

Stay tuned to the Chaco blog for part three of Julie's story... on hiking.




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