My last blog post here was about my Yosemite trip last month, well you're not reading a repeat, I went back this month!  

This trip was actually on the calendar months in advance because it was the weekend of the 2nd Annual Yosemite Tweetup. This is organized by, Luke and Lizzy who I knew through Twitter and first met at the 1st Annual Joshua Tree Tweetup.

While great climbing was had, I'd thought I'd share a bit about a hike my husband and I did during the extended part of our trip, wanting to rest our upper body, we thought about hiking. I was interested in getting to Glacier Point to take some photos, and my husband suggested we do a linked up hike he had done a long time ago. The link up was to do the 4 Mile Trail to Glacier Point then take the Panorama Trail along the valley rim, and then come down on either the John Muir Trail or the Mist Trail (Nevada Falls trail). We ended up doing the link up with the John Muir Trail. The views were terrific, on all parts of the trail but I found the Panorama trail was the prettiest just on the trail itself, you also passed by the top of Illilouette Falls which was a great stop to eat our sandwiches and –carefully – get our feet wet. 

A few tips for anyone doing the 4 mile Trail:

1. There are restrooms and a drinking fountain at the top of glacier point so you don't need to carry all of your water with you, just enough to get to that point and refill.

2. They sell ice cream at the top of Glacier Point. I found myself wishing I had brought my wallet. The cones folks were eating sure looked good!

After Glacier Point, the hiking feels much more solitary compared to the popular Glacier Point look out and one can enjoy nature more. We passed about 3 parties and found one party doing the exact link up we were doing. After the Panorama Trail, The John Muir Trail is mostly gradual switchbacks with a view of Nevada Falls from. Taking this trail to the Valley floor but is a little longer than the Mist Trail, and we were tired by the time we got there, but we had already done the Mist Trail many times so took the John Muir Trail instead.

At the end of the day we were pretty tired, the link up took two Yosemite trails labeled as “Strenuous” and the total mileage was around 15 miles. We had set a good pace as well. The end result was that I felt we had done a great nature hike but also got a good workout, maybe too good for a climbing trip ;)

I'd highly suggest the link up for any one wanting a wonderful tour of Valley views. Doing any portions of the trail by themselves is also great. And if you drive up to Glacier Point you can even do the Four Mile Trail as all down hill. 

Happy Hiking!


About Chaco Ambassador EILEEN RINGWALD:

Born and raised in Southern California, Eileen spent many of her summers on family camping trips scrambling on trails and rocks and growing her love of nature. She took this love of adventure and formed, a climbing and outdoor community. She is also the organizational force behind the annual Joshua Tree National Park rock-climbing meet up. Eileen’s photography can be seen at

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