The Fourth Annual Jtree Tweetup, a camping and climbing tweetup which officially took place from November 9-11, 2012 (though many came early and some stayed later) was a lot of fun as usual. This year it was mainly cold and windy, though thankfully not as windy as the forecasts had originally said it would be (one day had predicted gusts of 50 miles per hour, but I'd guess we only experienced 30 mph gusts at most). The hearty Twitter climbers braved it all to camp, meet and climb. One of the things I love about JTree Tweetups is seeing my Twitter friends in person and how a bunch of strangers can become friends, sometimes a little adversity can bring folks together.

Luke climbing at the 4th Jtree Tweetup with a peanut gallery shadow crew watching

Climbing was a quest for sun and wind protection so we ended up at Thin Wall (yeah not much sun there, but a good wall for folks to get acquainted with/ reacquainted with Joshua Tree National Park Rock), Headstone, Echo Cove, Hidden Tower, Little Rock Candy Mountain, Old Woman, and Brown Wall. Small groups also climbed on The Blob and on extra scrambles, and bouldering areas.

We were fortunate this year to have a bunch of great sponsors, including Chaco (who sponsors me as part of their Ambassador Team) but also stepped up as a sponsor for the Jtree Tweetup this year by providing a $60 gift certificate to giveaway as part of the 10 Year Anniversary events.

Katherine, from Portland, Oregon, and first time Jtree Tweetup attendee, won the Chaco gift certificate!

Personally I had a great time, this year a number of folks showed up before the official weekend so I had help with campsite wrangling and an easier time of figuring out where to climb since we could hit popular routes on the weekday. 

On this trip I also got to mix business and pleasure, squeezing in a photo shoot for Teresa of Mountain Mama and her family at Ryan Campground and at Gunsmoke before we joined more Tweetup goers at Hidden Tower.

Climbing wise I got to on sight a trad climb in the Little Rock Candy Mountain area and to climb other new to me routes there. It was also great seeing others challenge themselves, Terri on sighted an unusual route on Hidden Tower and Nina got her groove back after a break from climbing, leading Wild Wind (5.9).

Narinda having fun at Brown Wall on Captain Chronos

At the end of the trip there was talk about how 2013 will be the 5th Annual Jtree Tweetup, we even tried to get the group campsite before I had left the park... but it was booked. That's ok, we'll still be doing it, so keep an eye out folks, we will be doing it again!


About Chaco Ambassador Team member EILEEN RINGWALD: Born and raised in Southern California, Eileen spent many of her summers on family camping trips scrambling on trails and rocks and growing her love of nature. She took this love of adventure and formed, a climbing and outdoor community. She is also the organizational force behind the annual Joshua Tree National Park rock-climbing meet up. Eileen’s photography can be seen at











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