After the new year we left the RV in Kentucky at my families house and started driving to Colorado. This was a totally different road trip than my normal life on the road, I have relatively no plans, no competitions, and not much paddling planned. I have been following my new years resolution so far to rest, relax, and try not to use my arms for a month. I want my arms and upper body to have some time to recover from all the paddling I have did in 2012 so I can be strong and fresh for 2013.

During my month of rest I spend some time in Salida hanging out with friends and getting some days on the snow. The next stop was Durango to visit friends and to ride a new mountain. Then on to southern California to see the Boardworks crew, surf, and finish up the 2013 tour plans. After a week or so in California I flew to the east coast to visit with my Wavesport family.

After staying in the south for less than a week it's on to Uganda!! I will be camping for a month near the river, paddling hopefully twice a day, and be able to train with a great group of paddling friends. I have tons of goals for Uganda for my paddling, new tricks I want to learn, becoming more confident, working on timed rides, and having fun. The most important goal is staying healthy since I have just received six different vaccinations for my trip and the medicine for Malaria "could induce hallucinations" as the pharmacist warned.

I can't wait to see another part of the world, I have no idea what to expect. I do know that no matter what I think is going to happen or what I think I will see, I am probably wrong. I am going into this trip open minded and knowing that its going to be an amazing eye-opening experience. I am not planning on having much internet so I will update when possible, and have tons of photos and videos when I get back to the states. When I return in March I will be loading up and going to train at the Nantahala River for the US Freestyle Team Trails that will be held in April. 

My pack list:

My Chaco Z-1

Chaco Valleda Shoe

Tons of Beyond Coastal Sunscreen

Kayaking gear - Wavesport Project X 48, AT Superlight Paddle, All of my awesome IR paddling gear, My Astral Bella PFD

The Best Sunglasses Kaenon's

G-Form Elbow Pads

Protein Bars

Go Pro & Video Camera

Camping gear

Bug Spray 

7 books 


Until the next adventure



About Haley Mills: The word nomad is a great description of myself. I enjoy the unpredictable life of traveling in a RV and constantly being on and around the water. I've been kayaking since I was thirteen years old so I am accustomed to an on-water lifestyle. Over the past few years I've directed my focus to competing in Kayaking, and am becoming a fierce competitor, with solid goals for this year. I am ranked 2nd in the USA and 5th in the world for Freestyle kayaking.

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