During the month of April, Chaco will partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant up to 60,000 trees, one for each pair of Chacos sold online and at retail, in the Pike National Forest (CO) and the Moss Island Wildlife Area (TN). The program, called "Buy One Get One Tree," celebrates the anxiously awaited beginning of flip and sandal season, Arbor Day and Earth Day.  Arbor Day is very conscious to plant only native species in areas that are in need, while Chaco is very conscious to build colorful and very durable footwear that keeps us smiling under the shade of our favorite trees.  Thank goodness for such a beautiful partnership! 

So now how are you going to participate?  While we don't recommend planting trees while wearing Chacos flips or sandals, we recognize that if you can sky-dive and run races in Chacos, what's holding you back from planting trees?!  So we only offer you support and a note of caution to drive the shovel into the ground with care, while carefully avoiding your toes!  If you happen to find yourself out there with the arborists and amidst fellow Chaconians, shoot us some photos to help capture your experience!   You can also show your support by walking in to your favorite retailer and out with a new pair of Chacos.  For each pair of Chacos sold, we will be planting a tree!

So happy spring, happy Earth Day and happy Arbor Day to you all!  We tip our hats to you all as we too are exclaiming "FREE THE PIGGIES" this spring!

Plant more and prosper!
The Chaco Team


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