Earlier this summer Tim Hornsby shared his final preparation going into the Olympics, as well as his emotional connection to the Opening Ceremonies, with Chaco. We thought we'd share this with all Chaconians as we get ready to cheer him on this Friday, August 10th in the 200m flatwater sprint race.


Hello again. I’m currently in Temple Sur Lot, which is in southwest France for a pre-Games training camp with the Canadian Team. On Friday, I will be going to the Opening Ceremonies. I can remember every single Opening Ceremonies that I have watched, including 1992 at my grandmother’s house and 2008 in Japan with the French, American and Belgian Olympic Teams. Finally in 2012, I will be a part of something I have dreamed of my whole life. Many athletes are not going because they believe it will be too taxing. But for me, the Opening will be a chance to be truly inspired by the Olympic movement, giving me the encouragement and excitement to succeed. Unfortunately, my girlfriend (2012 U.S. Olympic pole vaulter Becky Holliday) will not be there. She was unable to secure a place to train in London, so she is opting to compete in Germany and finish her progress there. But my mom will be there in the stands. She was able to get tickets from Gina Sanchez, a longtime supporter of my quest for the Olympic Games.

I am super excited to be part of a movement that has inspired me for so long. Paddling is a very individual pursuit and often I feel like I feel very selfish with my goals and how to achieve them. I am not curing cancer or supporting a cause. Often, I must make the best decisions for myself to achieve those goals. I don’t feel like I am making a difference in people’s lives. At the Olympics, my hope and goal is to inspire people to take whatever is important to them and make it a priority, to really put themselves out there to achieve their goals and dreams. Everyone can find something that they are passionate about and put themselves out there to be the best or do the best good. That is my hope, that I inspire people to attempt great things.

Right now, I’m in a tapering period of the training. Our whole training group has been really tired after a giant cycle of training. This past week was lighter than the last two, with shorter, higher quality workouts. I recently turned in my best time in 150 meters. I was super tired at the time and I still went the fastest I’ve ever gone in the 150, so that’s a good thing heading into London. I feel I’m better technically. I really am confident that I’ll be able to produce a better result than I’ve done before. I know I’m faster than I’ve ever been and the data shows that that’s true.

I made a quick trip to London for “team processing,” which is where you get all the Olympic clothing to wear around the Olympic Village and to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The first time I met an Olympian, he described team processing and that it was everything he expected and more. Polo outfitted us with tailored suits and a stylist to make sure we look our best. Then we got two huge bags full of Nike and Polo gear, followed by two backpacks full of more gear, everything you could imagine. It was unreal. The process took almost four hours. This experience is the first time I realized that I really am going to the Olympics and I will forever be a part of something bigger than myself.

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