The past few weeks have been spent training and getting ready for the upcoming season on the Road. With the Boardworks Demo Tour in full swing, it has been great to meet lots of new people, introduce people to the sport of Stand Up Paddling, and share my passion for the sport.  I’ve been paddling both SUP’s and Kayak’s lately, but have been getting a lot of attention while paddling whitewater on our Stand Up Boards.  The other thing getting the attention of paddlers and on-lookers alike, is our new footwear from Chaco.  

Since I got my new pair of Tedinho’s, they have been glued to my feet in the water and have been a great tool for paddling.  

Here is a video from my paddling session on the Ocoee River last weekend while wearing the Tedinho’s.   Simply put, they are grippy, supportive, and protective.  I will let the VIDEO speak for itself…

Hope to see new faces at our stops along the tour this year!  Don’t be shy if you see us on the road!


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