Recently I helped launch a sailboat and get it prepped for Lake Tahoe sailing. We had to scrub the hull, connect tons of cables and raise the mast. I initially was barefoot while doing this and remembered about the Chacos that I brought and slung them on, they worked perfect for the boat. They stayed on as I was crawling around and have great traction on the boat.


Shannon on the boat

Tahoe is about 1-½ hours from my house in Reno and with a full time job, we look for close mini vacations and have found this place to be one of our favorites. 

The next day we went on a great mountain bike ride, starting at the top of Spooner summit and finishes in town. This ride climbs to an elevation of about 9000’ and has incredible views of Lake Tahoe and the mountains surrounding it. 

Shannon Leading the way

The ride winds its way and has some strong climbs, along with the elevation gain and technical sections. Keeping up with Shannon proved to be impossible; she sat waiting for us at the top for nearly 15 minutes. 

A great weekend with many more to come.


About Chaco Ambassador Rusty Sage: A former World and National Champion in the sport of kayaking, Rusty Sage has traveled the world competing and organizing whitewater and surf kayak events. Read more about Rusty at





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