Yes! I discovered Chacos last year (I’m a little behind the times, I know) when I was struggling to fix Plantar Fasciitis. I was trying to find a shoe that I could wear in the summer that offers good arch support, cushioning, and isn’t… well… hideous.

What I found is a great pair of Chaco sandals. In fact, I loved them so much… I bought a second pair - ne to wear ALL THE TIME inside the house and one to wear outside. Not only have they helped cure the Plantar Fasciitis; they have helped keep it away.

So, when I finish a race, the first thing I put on is my beloved Chaco sandals.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! They are happiness to my feet!


About Team Priority Health member Marie Dershem:

I am a mom, student working toward a Masters degree in Nutrition, and a triathlete. In college, I rowed and competed in rowing for about 10 years after college. This became very challenging, however, once my children took priority. A friend, Tom Trout, introduced me to the sport of triathlon and I fell in love. I have competed in 6-7 triathlons each summer for the past 5 years. It has given me a fantastic outlet for my competitive spirit, a great way to meet new friends and athletes, and has provided me with an opportunity to participate in something that keeps me healthy - mind, body and spirit.



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