Tell me about how you took the winning photo, where were you and what were you doing?

“I was on Milos with some friends from high school back in 2007. One of my friend’s families is from Milos, so they really knew all of the cool places to go.

I don't remember what the particular beach was called, but it had an awesome 20ish foot cliff with super deep water to jump off of.

We were jumping off of the cliff, and started challenging each other to do flying squirrels and flips and the like, and [they snapped] the picture of me doing a flip.

It was very poor form, but it made for an awesome picture!”

How did you decide to enter this photo in our contest?

“One of my best friends, Hunter, told me about the contest because she knew that I am such a Chaco and bluegrass enthusiast.

After I decided to enter, I found all of my cool pictures in Chacos, and she told me [this picture could win] the best!”

What did it feel like to win?

“Good, no, very good... scratch that, great!”

Tell us about Telluride:

How was the drive up?

“The drive was long but beautiful, particularly the part between Montrose and Telluride.

Telluride may just be my new favorite mountain town (and I live in Park City, Utah).”

Where did you camp?

“We camped at the Lawson Hill Campground. It was on a softball field right by the river.

It was really nice to wake up in the morning and start my day by jumping in the frigid water, better than any cup of coffee I've ever had.”

What were the festival folks like?

“They were awesome! Chelsea (my guest) and I met a ton of awesome people to hang out with during the festival.

One of the coolest parts was randomly running into some people we know from Park City (shout out to John and Brandon) and becoming much better friends!”

Did you make any new friends?

“Yes! We kept running into this guy Ryan (really we ran into him everywhere) so we ended up hanging out with him a lot.

We would always spot him by his Atlanta Braves hat, although he said he doesn't like the Braves; he just thought it was a cool hat.

(Chelsea was disappointed because she's from Georgia) Also we made friends with our neighbors from Lawson Hill, more about them to come.”

Tell us about the bands, who did you see, who did you like?

“We saw a ton of bands, but we both agreed that the best shows were Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, Trampled by Turtles,

Yonder Mountain String Band, The String Cheese Incident, and Leftover Salmon. I was already a big Trampled by Turtles and Yonder fan

and have started listening to a lot more Leftover Salmon and Cheese since the festival!”

What did you wear? Did you wear Chacos every day?

“For the most part I stuck with shorts and a tank top during the day and I would wear an Osprey hydration backpack to make sure I had plenty of water.

For the evening shows, I just threw on a 750 fill down jacket over the tank top.

I wore Chacos the entire time at the festival, but sometimes for the evening shows I had to stay warm

[I wore socks with Chacos] (just push down the toe loop and wear socks under the sandals.)”

Any highlights or moments you really want to share?

“Yes! Our original neighbors from Lawson Hill (they were only there for Thursday and Friday) brought a puke yellow armchair

that they found on a street corner on the way to the festival in Denver. We had told them how awesome it was and when they left

they offered to leave it for us. Of course we agreed! For the rest of the festival, the chair lived right by the front of our tent.

At the end of the festival we decided to take it back to Park City with us, instead of throwing it away.

So it has been well loved on the back porch at Chelsea's house ever since.”

Best thing you ate at the festival?

The Flank Steak Sandwich from the Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club tent was fantastic,

I'm pretty sure I've thought about it every day since the festival.

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