Recently Jeremy Collins, one of our Chaco Ambassadors visited Venezuela and recounts his day meeting a local.

Feb 15th, 2012: Gran Sabana Jungle, Venezuela, Yunek village

Today we met Alberto. He came through our basecamp with a 12-gauge shotgun slung over his shoulder, a machete in one hand and a stick in the other.

He had a small backpack on, and from it he presented four fish that were neatly stacked in a small hand woven basket. He wanted to know if we would trade him two double A batteries for two of his fish.

We of course said "yes" or "si" and Alberto quickly cleaned them... and we just as quickly devoured them.


About Jeremy: “Whether your journey is from east to west, or from ground to summit, don't miss the path from heart to head. Between these two destinations we find our voice.” As an artist, climber, filmmaker and adventurer, Jeremy Collins is a Chaconian ambassador with the unique ability to find beauty around the world and translate it in his own unique way. View his films and photographs at the 5Point Film Festival and Banff Film Festival as well as special showings and online at and on Facebook


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