Our condolences go out to Chaconian Lucy on the death of her Chacos. But we love the cartoon she posted and it looks like they lived a very full life. What is your fondest Chaco memory?


My beloved Chaco sandals bit the dust last week after nine years of dedicated service. They carried me through high school, up the Sierra Nevadas, into the Sespe Wilderness, across Greece, South Africa, Italy, France, Spain, and the British Isles, aloft on multiple tall ships in various seas, into the world of making comics, out of college, and into life. I’ll miss them.


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By flyingwallabees 8/16/2012

I bought my first pair in 2008 and now three straps have broken and the soles traction is completely worn off...... I miss them..... I did just order my own new custom pair though wooop!!!! R.I.P Lucy's Chacos

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