1. Make a Hammock

Hammocks are the perfect vessel for lounging around camp, in the backyard or even in your minivan.  They can be pretty expensive to buy, but are cheap and easy to make yourself.

All you need is a piece of fabric (or a sheet) and some type of cording (or webbing). There are two methods for assembling your hammock. One involves a sewing machine, the other doesn't even take it that far. 

Get your instructions HERE.

2. Build a Mobile Kitchen

It used to be that cooking items were always the most time consuming thing for me to pack, and I inevitably forgot something. One day I hit up a thrift store and bought everything I would need to assemble a mobile kitchen (i.e a kitchen I would never need to re-pack). I organized it all in a plastic tote that goes on every camping trip with us. Gone are the days of using frisbees as plates and eating spaghetti with a knife.

Get a complete list of items HERE to build your own.

3. Assemble a Fix-lt Kit

The idea behind the fix-it (i.e. survival) kit is that whether you’re hiking, backpacking, river-rafting, biking, or doing some other outdoor activity, any emergency that happens will generally fall into one of three categories:

     a) Your equipment breaks.

     b) You hurt yourself.

c) Something is inconvenient and annoying and needs an inventive remedy.

In all cases, the point is to fix the problem as best you can on the spot, making something that is ‘good enough’, and will get you back to the real world for a proper fix. Make a kit that contains all you need to fix most things that break when you're outside and away.  I use my kit all the time!

Find out what you'll need to assemble your own HERE



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