After wearing the heck out of my original pair of chaco's bought in 2005, and them even making it through two puppyhood chew fests that lasted years with a basset hound and labrador, I decided to get then resoled. I could handle the buckles being mangled beyond recognition, I didn't use them anymore, had the straps sized to where I just slipped into the shoe anyhow. But the soles were thin and bubbling. I wore these shoes Feb-Nov, I don't get cold easily being born in CT, and although Louisville does have nasty winters, they did see snow often. I also wore them on the five mile vertical hike/climb at the Red River Gorge to CLoudsplitter where I got married while 8 months pregnant. (They did very well for my swollen feet)

So I sent them in, and they resoled them at no charge, under warranty to my surprise, there was a defect of some sort in the shoes. But after wearing the shoe for two weeks the new soles starting to come loose from the shoes too, and I had to send them back. They called and deemed them defective all around, and offered to replace them at no cost. I was heartbroken (sappy I know), felt like I was losing a baby blanket or something. And after discussing with the repairman that it would be crazy and pointless to try a resole again, I decided to look at new shoes. I'm super picky when it comes to these shoes, didn't like any of the styles/colors on the website, so they offered to custom make me a pair. Awesome, I don't see that option anywhere else. So I picked a strap that I liked but I figured other women wouldn't pick so that I would still have somewhat unique chacos.
This company amazes me. Not only do they have an amazing product that stands up throughout the years and trials, but they stand right by it without question. That's incredibly hard to find these days, and I'm very happy to have fallen in love with a product made by such people. Can't say thank you enough. Not just shoes.


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By 5/9/2011

Great post, super glad to hear the best sandals also have the best customer service

By kristagrizzard 5/17/2011

I completely agree! I <3 Chaco customer service, but their consumer relations dept is amazing too!!

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