By Haley Mills

 I am sitting in a hotel lobby where my friends are staying in and I am poaching coffee and internet. I slept in my truck in the parking lot last night no different than any other night. Trying to have a moment to write. Even though I don't have a traditional job. I am constantly training on the water in all the different types of Kayaking and SUP. In my free time I am driving, competing, and planning for future trips.  Since my life is on the road I am constantly surrounded by friends, competitors, and strangers. I am always talking and sharing all my experiences. I tend to neglect my writing. Well not completely true I have tons of "blogs" that I have all typed up but for some reason I just can't let them go. Once I hit the publish button those stories and experiences are not longer mine. I have some that are writing about extremely personal experiences like when I almost died on the Green River Narrows in the spring. Its difficult to open up my thoughts and be exposed. Some of my other posts that I haven't posted might let go of some of my personality that I like to keep for real life. Maybe by giving all that away I will lose some kind of special power that I draw from to motivate myself. This might not make sense or this might be exactly how you feel. I struggle to write about the excruciating fluff of my life for example about every event, every state my truck has driven through, and my irrational thoughts. 

This is more about what I find to be highlights of my life on the road and life lessons that I have learned. Highlights to me are not about how I place in a competition. I know if I correlate happiness on my performance I will miss out on whats real and everlasting.

 I live this life style because of the love of it. Not for any other reason. As soon as I start to place my intentions on winning prize money or trying to sell myself in social media. I am immediately humbled as soon as my paddle hits the water. When I am paddling for the love of it and not competing I am completely relaxed and life becomes more vivid. This summer I neglected my normal tour and mixed it up by skipping some events to surf the elusive wave Big Sur. Travel to Idaho early to rest and let my body recover before the next big event. Going to Skookumchuck Narrows to surf a tidal wave rather than going to World Cup for Freestyle Kayaking. I try to listen to myself and what will make me happy and listen to my body. Its important for me with constant travel to remember to chill and just be.. being present in the moment to fully enjoy my surroundings.  I am fortunate to have so many amazing options of where to go next I get over whelmed but I know if I am going to a location for the love of the sport then I will be happy. 


Riley- Killing it wake surfing in McCall Idaho



Paddling out of Skook

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By NOCGUINNESS 9/11/2014

Haley: Keep charging because I live my life vacariously through you! Hope to see you back down South soon! Safe Travels and Good River Karma heading your way!!!! Kelly

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