Want to feel comfy and special on your wedding day? Fit for adventure of any kind, Chacos are the perfect choice for one of life's biggest adventures- weddings and marriage. The MyChaco team will build Chaconian brides and grooms unique, custom sandals for the big day, crafted on the LUVSEAT™ platform for trusted comfort and support.

Looking for a webbing outside of our current selection? The MyChaco team is happy to help. If you don't see what you're looking for online give customer service a call and they'll guide you to more options. White webbing does not stay white over time in the warehouse so we do not keep it in stock BUT the MyChacos team will help you locate and order the perfect webbing for your wedding MyChacos.

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Comments (2)

By user_442298 9/9/2013

OMG this is awesome. I'm not even dating anyone (holler if you know a stellar dude) but please keep doing this so that when I do tie the literal knot, that I can have a pair to add to my extensive collection :)

By lwilborn 7/10/2013

I am trying to find webbing so I can have my Perfect Wedding Chacos and am having trouble! I have looked everywhere for 8.5mm white webbing and can not find it. I can find 3/8"(around 9mm) but no smaller. Has anyone been able to find 8.5mm? Really would love for Chaco to be a part of my big day!

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