The team here at Chaco is constantly inspired by all of the amazing Chaconian ink popping up on our social media.  

Chaconians are clearly a creative and artistic group of folks!

This caused us to think of ink on the home front, and on a recent visit to the ReChaco I photographed the stories of ReChaco ink. 

It is my personal perception that every great tattoo has a story and Linda kicked things off by proving this point.

It took Linda 27 years to get these beautiful blue roses they cover up the name of an old flame!

Amanda was inspired to get these dolphins 10 years after her mothers death

and celebrated her mothers love of the color green with a green dolphin. 

Tracy wanted to make a dramatic statement after an epic breakup and went for purple Crown Royal ink.  

Only Tracy knows the full story here.

Tabatha celebrates her love for her three kids and nature with these paw prints. 

Ryan truly celebrates the art of ink. His first photo set celebrates the locations he has lived and loved: Michigan, LA and Texas.  

The second set showcases the Imperial shield, his anchor, and the words set sail.  

Ryan’s sense of adventure is clear in each image and he certainly channels that idea daily.

Krista’s wrist is in homage to her lizard spike and the beautiful Coy is the art of her talented boyfriend. 

Todd at Chaco picked up this great arm piece on a memorable trip to Tennessee 

Sisters Beth and Becky have several amazing tattoos. My favorite was a tattoo they each had symbolizing big sister and little sister.  

These amazing sisters also share a whimsical love of fairies and each has fairy ink.

The final images are of a traditional Chinese song that walks you though metal, fire, wood, earth, and wateron Beth’s arm

and each star on Becky’s leg has the initials of someone she loves. 

Finally we see true Chaco devotion from our fearless leader Lisa with some blue ReChaco Ink.



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