Guest Blog by Jon Bausman

Each season has their own respective “rites” if you will.  Winter you may find yourself cozied up under a blanket, sipping some hot cocoa, watching Christmas Vacation.  Spring can be a time to stop and smell the flowers, while summer is a time to beat the heat and jump into your favorite watering hole.  But to me, fall has some of the best rites of any season and these are some of my favorites.

Enjoy the Colors and Get Outdoors

The color of the leaves changing.  The smells of the forest.  The sound of the leaves beneath your feet.  The opportunity to finally throw on that ridiculously comfortable fleece you’ve been eyeing.  All of these come together for the fall trekker in the outdoor adventure playground.  Whether it’s a weekender to Red River Gorge, KY or a day hike in Brown County State Park, IN, it’s always a blast! Hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing, whatever!  Go enjoy that foliage folks!

Trip to the Orchard or Pumpkin Patch

It’s a little hard to enjoy apple cider in the middle of July, but come September a trip to the orchard for some fresh cider and apple picking is an absolute must.  While you’re there, it’s fun to try and find the biggest pumpkin and take a few home for some seasonal decorating or getting your Picasso on with some carving! 

Bonfires and Brews

With the heat of summer passing and bringing on those crisp fall nights, there’s no better way to enjoy an autumn evening then around a roaring bonfire with good friends.  This is the perfect time to break out those mallows and wash ‘em down with your favorite seasonal brew or the last of your summer stock.

The Perfect ‘Smore

If you’re like me, you can’t help but quote The Sandlot every time someone says, “You want ‘Smore?”  Over my childhood years I became quite the ‘smore connoisseur, exploring the best possible combination.  My current favorite is replacing your chocolate slab with a Reese Cup.  The key is, once it’s assembled, to toast the ‘smore (graham and all) over the fire.  Trust me, this is one yummy mess you’ll never regret.

Bring on the Hot Beverages

Whether it’s hot chocolate, a cup of coffee, or hot apple cider (or some wassel if we’re getting fancy here), grab your favorite mug and have at it.   Of course, if you’re feeling extra festive, I recommend making a Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte (in a mason jar of course).  Staring into the warm glow of a fire slowly dying while enjoying a hot beverage is the perfect nightcap and the rite way to end a great fall day.  

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