Whether it’s to work, to a big cycling event or an ever so thrilling, power walking shopping adventure. However, my favorite place is on top of the podium (I’ll even settle for on the podium ). After being cramped in my cycling shoes for hours, it is a good time for my feet to celebrate, while I celebrate. 

Typically, going on any adventure includes my strappy Chacos’. Lets be honest here, adventures means sun (hopefully), and sun means tan lines, bonus! Not to mention, the unbelievable amount of support my feet get, no shoes compare. If I am standing on my feet for an extended period of time, the first thing to start hurting is my calf, which in turn affects my performance on the bike. What I love most though, no aching legs! Now, if we use the transitive property of equality, we can deduce that because of my uber comfortable Chaco’s, I end up on the podium. Pretty cool, huh? I thought so too.

And because I cannot adventure 24/7, my trusted ferocious lion (ok, 2 pound kitten) protects them while they leave my feet*.

*Not only does Chaco make perfect sandals, they also make for great kitten beds. ;) 




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