To our most favorite camp counselors, we think that you’d be rock-stars in your own videos.  So how do you feel about showing us a day in the life of being a counselor at YOUR camp for the chance to win free Chacos and some money for your camp!?!?!!


It was the fact that you had to sing all of the time that kept me from being a life-long counselor, yet I know so many counselors that pride themselves on leading most of the camp sings and loving every minute of it.  There is something about being a counselor that makes it a summer job that many just cannot pass up.  I wonder if each camp sings the same songs?  I wonder if the same pranks are pulled at each camp?  I wonder if most of the counselors at camp began as a camper?  Do most counselors wear Chacos? 

It’s questions like these that encouraged us here at Chaco to want to create a contest for all camp counselors.  A contest that invites any counselor who would like to participate, to make a short video about the day in a life of what it’s like to be a counselor at your favorite camp.  What do you do every day at camp?  When do you wake up and how many campers are in your cabin?  What type of counselor are you?  Where do you hide the candy in your cabin?  If you’d like to participate, the videos can be posted to our website: and once posted they will be voted on by your friends, family and our Chaconian social media community; the most votes will win the grand prize. 

If your video wins, you will receive 10 free pairs of Chacos for you friends and family, plus $3,000 for your camp’s scholarship fund for 2012.  You choose the focus and you choose how you’d like to put the video together …maybe through song, maybe through story-telling …regardless we want to see it!?!!   The contest will run until the 3rd of July, so get your video in early so that you can win the most votes!  We can’t wait to see your brilliant videos, so show us all what you’ve got and have a wonderful summer at camp!!!

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