Hey Chaco Nation, Chaco is hitting the road and headed south!

Jeff and Kelley are starting this adventure at Gauley Fest in Summersville WV. Gauley Fest is awesome because all proceeds from the festival support American Whitewater's river conservation and access works throughout the nation. At Gauley Fest we will be hanging out with Chaco ambassadors Haley Mills and Chris Gragtmans along with a ton of Chaconians! 

Next we head to Morgantown WV, home of West Virginia University! In Morgantown we will be hanging out at Pathfinder and giving away some sweet Chaco schwag including two pair of West Virginia custom MyChacos - made in the USA. We will be at Pathfinder on Sunday September 22nd from 3-5. To join us in Morgantown click here.

After Morgantown we head south to Boone NC, home of Appalachian State! In Boone, we are hanging out at Footslogger, enjoying the beautiful weather and giving away two pair of Appalachian State custom MyChaco – made in the USA. We will be at Footslogger on Tuesday September 24th from 3-6. To join us in Boone click here.

Following Boone, we are driving to Knoxville TN – home of University of Tennessee!  We are incredibly excited to meet everyone in Knoxville and we hope you join us at River Sports for some amazing giveaways. We will be at River Sports on Wednesday September 25th from 4-6. To join us in Knoxville click here.

Our Final stop is beautiful Atlanta Georgia! In Atlanta we will be hanging out at High Country on Saturday September 28th from 11-1. We have some amazing giveaways planned for High Country so plan on hanging out with Chaco that Saturday! To join us in Atlanta click here.

Finally, we need some road-trip advice. Where should we eat? What should we do when we are not hanging out with you? What are the must-see natural wonders of the southeast? If you were taking this road trip, what would you do?

To follow along - we will make updates from the road on Facebook and Twitter throughout our journey. So follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see the adventure unfold. Chaco on Facebook. Chaco on Twitter.

Comments (11)

By RBSherfy 9/17/2013

Boo! Heading right through SW Virginia and not stopping in Blacksburg is a shame!

By dale 9/22/2013

stop in goldsboro, nc at Wilbur's Restaurant for some excellent barbeque. the best on the east coast.

By ChacoChatt 9/23/2013

Between Knoxville & Atlanta you should stop by Chattanooga, TN & try the new Flying Squirrel Restaraunt & Bar, it's part of the Crash Pad Hostel geared toward the adventurous crowd.

By Katie C 9/18/2013

If and when you go through the Tri-cities (Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport) stop at Pals and get a sweet tea and some frenchie fries!!

By EM 9/22/2013

When you're driving south on I75 stop by Mayfield Dairy Farms Visitor Center in Athens, TN. It's only about an hour south of Knoxville and the ice cream is great!

By Duhlaynee 9/22/2013

When you're driving through the North Georgia mountains, you have to stop at the Dillard House! It is absolutely amazing, with delicious home cooking. It is basically a buffet, but they bring all the food to you! They have big breakfasts, as well as huge lunches and dinners. They also have stables outside and a small petting-zoo like area; and the gift shop is adorable. Definitely worth stopping!

By Annadx143 9/19/2013

YESSS you must go to Pal's! Also in Atlanta you should go to the "Dwarf House"...Don't let it confuse you, it is actually just a chick fil a (the first ones ever) with HOMECOOKED FOOD ALSO! I suggest the collared greens ;)

By B Angeli 9/22/2013

When you hit Atlanta you need to try Williamson Brothers BBQ. It is in Marietta GA. If you do you will also get to see the famous Big Chicken at the KFC.

By chinokaleo 9/17/2013

Make sure you hit up The Varsity in Atlanta!!!!!! Get yourself a dog!!! :)

By mtnmagnolia 9/22/2013

when in boone make sure to go to boone bagelry!

By eagerpuppy 9/18/2013

If you go through Chattanooga, stop at the local legend City Cafe and see me at work! pickup orders, open 24 hours, over 400 items on the menu, and the best cakes in the tri state area, ask anyone. Visit the outdoor city and see how much we honor the chaco name!

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