I have two checklists to complete every morning, each a tool to accomplish something. 

Most of us are use to the necessities to complete our day job. The other is our hobby or sport each of us lose ourselves in. I truly believe the nordic (cross-country) skiing I participate in, can be the toughest physical and mental sport. I am very dependent on the weather and must go to the extremes to train for it. To substitute the lack of snow in the preparatory training blocks, I use roller-skis and the local metro parks.

My footwear has become an ever increasing priority as I slide in out of each part of my day. I use to jump right back into my work shoes or running shoes after a workout. I started to notice my feet had swelled like any other muscle during the workout, cramming them back into those shoes would leave me uncomfortable on my drive home. Often I would turn the A/C on and point it at my feet.

One of the advantages of switching to Team Priority Health last year was being introduced to a lot of tips and resources to solve problems. The highlight was the addition of my Chaco Updraft, they offered me comfort and recovery from my long days. Plus my girlfriend no longer has to freeze on the way home from training with me.

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