Stephanie Hill chats with Chaco about her three week rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. Besides being a dedicated Choconian Stephanie is also the wife of Chaco guru Brandan Hill (Product Development Director for Chaco), the man behind your favorite sandals and shoes.

What inspired you to take this trip?

In truth, it was just an invitation from some dear friends that inspired me. It only took about two seconds to say YES! Once all of the details (like organizing my family) were in place, my YES became a reality. The opportunity was really, perfectly timed. My youngest of three boys had just started first grade, so for the first time they were all at school all day during the week. This lent more time and space to reconnect with my Steph-self and my dreams of adventure (the non-mothering kind) were starting to bubble up. Just a great offer at a great time.

Tell us about the logistics of your trip?

Our trip was 21 days, we put-in October 15th at Lees Ferry and our take-out was November 4th at Diamond Creek. The entire trip took place during the non-motorized season of the river and the weather was perfect the entire time.

What kind of planning needed to occur and what did you bring for gear?

We had an awesome trip leader who did most of the planning, with the guidance of PRO. PRO is an amazing Grand Canyon outfitter that consults with individuals planning private trips. Through PRO we got our boats, three weeks of fresh food (fresh salad on Day 19!!!), and the entire set-up for a great time on the river.

Each person was responsible for bringing their personal gear; sleeping bags, clothes, sunscreen, CHACOS!!! I had been on a couple of short river trips before and knew the boat and water do the hard work carrying gear, but with backpacking in my blood, I still packed really light. Next time I'll pack a little more. Besides my Tedinho's, my splash top was my most favorite piece of gear!

We hope Stephanie's trip inspired something in you. Adventure on Chaconians and stay tuned for part two of Stephanie's story to come soon. In the meantime tell us where your last Chaco adventure took you or where they will take you next.

*all trip photos courtesy of Christian Timmerman


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