ZX/2® Vibram® Yampa

£65.00 Style J102810

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ZX/2 Yampa women's - lovely BUT not for pronation...
By JudeJ 28/08/2013

This is a beautifully designed sandal in terms of style, adjustable straps, and apparent sturdiness. I bought a pair to alternate with walking shoes for long-distance hiking in Scotland, and delivery and returns (I bought a different style to compare) were dealt with excellently. However, my feet pronate markedly, and these sandals don't correct it at all; they also feel very flat, with not even a slight rise in the heel. So, while they're probably fine for long distances if you've got better foot mechanics than me, I haven't tried them for such. But they were a welcome change at the end of 10-15 miles hike. So, Chaco's - would you like to take the challenge and design a sandal that accommodates a removable orthotic to correct different degrees of pronation?? If yes, I'll be a guinea pig!!

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Straps do not stay in place.
By Anonymous 03/07/2014

I had such high hopes for these sandals after seeing lots of good reviews of the brand. How disappointed I was! When I first put them on they felt really comfortable but, after walking for less than a mile, the straps started to tighten, especially around the toe, with the result that I ended up with blisters on my toes. I re-adjusted them and tried again but the same thing happened. A quick google search showed that I am not the only person to have had this problem. I asked Chaco customer services for advice and they suggested spraying the straps with some sort of stretching spray and then inserting a shoe tree to stretch them out. I pointed out that the straps don't need to be stretched as they are fine when I first adjust them, the problem is that they do not stay in place when you walk in them. Also, I have never seen a shoe tree that fits inside a toe loop! Chaco have yet to get back to me with an actual solution. So, if you're happy to stop and adjust your sandals (which is not a quick process) every 20 minutes or so, go ahead and buy these (mine will soon be listed on ebay if you want them!). If you want a pair with straps that stay in place so you can wear them for long walks, look elsewhere.

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